Wolverine Brand History

We’re not good because we’re old, we’re old because we stayed good. G.A. Krause believed in American opportunity. In 1883, he founded a small leather tannery with a handful of employees. With relentless craftsmanship, their Michigan company produced work boots and gloves famous for comfort and toughness. By 1903, Krause and his sons were producing 300 boots a day in their new factory. That year, their thriving business brought electricity to Rockford, MI - which is still our home today.

Wolverine is engineered to win. Every day is a battle. And, we put everything we've got into helping you fight back. Here's how we design boots to tackle what's next:

COMFORT: Our priority is always making the most comfortable boots on the planet.

PURPOSE BUILT: We don't believe in one size fits all. Every Wolverine boot is tailored to real challenges you face.

ENDURANCE: Beat us. Bust us. Go as hard as you can because Wolverine lives for the fight.